Know About Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

HACCP has been launched so that people do not fall ill due to the consumption of faulty food and they do not suffer from ailments like food poisoning and stuff. HACCP sees to it that the production procedure is perfect so that the output is good.

The Food and Drug administration as well as the United States Department of Agriculture has made this extensive program in order to be sure that the deaths due to the in taking of faulty foods are lessened at a considerable extent. It actually detects the defects that are occurring in the production system rather than the inspection of the finished goods. In some cases the finished goods when inspected do not show any problems and it is difficult to inspect them in the sealed way too. But if the production system is checked at a whole then the problems can be dealt with more easily. This HACCP certification program has been launched in order to ensure that the public health is steady. Whenever there is any news of the outbreak of any food poisoning problem this group tries to visit the site and inspect the reasons of the occurrence of food poisoning so that such unwanted situations do not arise more often.

How is HACCP beneficial?

HACCP is the monitoring system of food that had been used way back in World War 2 and had been stopped thereafter. Then it again re- launched when more and more food problems arose and ever since it has not looked back in doing its service. It is highly beneficial as because it does certain things without which you could not eat anything and everything that you wanted to.

· It saves your food from the biological hazards- Sometimes it has been seen that food which is kept for a long time gets stale and many microorganisms attack the food. It can be so even with the packaged food. In case of frequent weather change it may turn bad. HACCP principles see to it that no such food gets to the market so that people do not buy and have it by any chance.

· It saves your food from the chemical hazards- Some companies in order to have more profits adds harmful chemicals to the product. In some fruits like watermelon it has been found that in order to make it red, the shopkeepers are actually dipping them in to the colouring chemical and that is totally harmful. HACCP standards take all the measures to check this problem.

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