Controlling the Masses Without Monarchy

Crowd Control is achieved by Crowd Control products, which helps in organizing and managing the crowd. What exactly are Crowd Control Products? They are simple, elegant and effective means of making sure that the decorum is kept at places with heavy masses. There are many types of Crowd Control Products; the most common are Crowd Control post or Stanchion posts, these portable and sturdy posts holds the people in a queue from defecting, they are also used to block people from entering areas which are off limits to the general crowd. When setting up a new queue, or reviewing the effectiveness of your current queue structure. We would contend there are 4 key factors to consider:

1. The predictability of your customer flow

Does your business serve a high volume of customers? The flow and volume of customers is a big determinant of the proper structure and influences many factors, from the floor space required to the formation of the queue.

2. The products or services you offer

First, which is it? Products or services? The answer to that question alone has an impact on the structure and strategies you’ll employ in the queue. Identifying the characteristics will help you decide on factors such as whether a traditional queue or electronic call-forward queue, whether you’ll focus on in-queue merchandising or virtual queuing, and if you require multiple lines or a single-line queue.

3. The customers you serve

Who’s waiting in your queue? People are generally willing to wait longer for products or services they consider to be of a higher value, while the less expensive or more commoditized items might not be deemed worth a long wait

4. The experience you strive to deliver

What do you want your customers to remember about your business and your queue? The queue requires attention no matter what category you’d like your business to fit into. If you want to offer your customers speed, your primary area of focus is likely to be the queue’s flow and efficiency.

The queue is about knowing the customers within it, their habits and demographics.

Now, let’s get in to more detail about Crowd Control barriers/posts. What exactly is a stanchion post? A stanchion post is a sturdy upright pole, often not a permanent fixture, and can be removed whenever desired. These Crowd Control posts come in multiple varieties; such as Retractable Belts, Double belts, Classic Ropes, Chains, Stand Alone Units, Floor Sockets and Floor Mounts etc. They are manufactured in brass, chrome, stainless steel, powder coated.

Most people would ask “Why do we need crowd control?” Well! Imagine that you are sitting at a ticketing desks or an Info booth where there are no Crowd Control Products. You will be in a situation where you will have to respond to many people at the same instance. This will result in you failing to help everyone and everyone failing to get what they need. With the growing population and for the seamless delivery, the implementation of products such as Q Manager’s Belt Post, Rope Posts, and Chain Posts etc. ensures efficient management of crowd and places, thus creating order out of chaos and “Puts you in control.” Crowd queuing is for the convenience of everyone. And Crowd Control Products deliver the convenience without offending anyone.

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